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Скачать Exam Training [OUP Handouts] бесплатно

Издательство: Oxford University Press
Размер файла: 295 Kb (57 pp)
Формат Файла: pdf


teaching materials
concerning the successful preparation of your students for exams,
 to use in the classroom

Functions bank
A collection of useful phrases and expressions for the most common everyday
communicative situations.
Literature bank
Various texts from literary sources: extracts from novels, plays, short stories
as well as poems. The texts are accompanied by reading comprehension and
vocabulary exercises. (pre-intermediate to advanced).
Translation texts
Short texts on topics that typically feature in exam syllabuses. You can set
these texts as a translation task from English to your students' own language. Each
text is accompanied by short exercises which help you focus on relevant language
points. (elementary to upper-intermediate).

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