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Скачать Knowing what students know : the science and design of educational assessment бесплатно

Автор: James W. Pellegrino, Naomi Chudowsky, and Robert Glaser
Издательство: the National Academy of Sciences
Размер файла: 6.1MB
Формат Файла: pdf

Educational assessment seeks to determine how well students are learning and is an integral part of the quest for improved education. It provides feedback to students, educators, parents, policy makers, and the public about the effectiveness of educational services. With the movement over the past two decades toward setting challenging academic standards and measuring students’ progress in meeting those standards, educational assessment is playing a greater role in decision making than ever before. In turn, education stakeholders are questioning whether current large-scale assessment practices are yielding the most useful kinds of information for informing and improving education. Meanwhile, classroom assessments, which have the potential to enhance instruction and learning, are not being used to their fullest potential.

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