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Скачать Business Focus Pre-Intermediate Workbook with Audio + Class CD 1, 2, бесплатно

Автор: David Grand and Robert McLarty
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Размер файла: 87,9MB
Формат Файла: pdf

By the authors of the successful Business Basics New Edition, Business Focus equips pre-intermediate learners with the English they need to communicate in the workplace. Business Focus is for adults in any job and at any level of employment Key features Business Focus is a course for working people who need to communicate in English immediately. The syllabus is built around the functional needs of students: unit headings include 'Making contact', 'Sharing information', and 'Dealing with problems'. The units concentrate on activating language. Units feature games, role-plays, and special discussion sections, Focus on Business Issues. Communication is aided by key words and key expressions appearing at the bottom of each page, for easy classroom reference. Every Student's Book comes with a FREE CD-ROM including video clips from OUP's business video series Big City. The CD-ROM also includes a bank of email writing phrases, and audio recordings of each unit's wordlist to aid students in pronunciation.

Audio (MP3, rar):
Class CD 1
Class CD 2
Workbook CD
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