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Скачать Reading A-Z – Leveled Readers (Level U/Grade 4) бесплатно

Автор: various
Издательство: Learning Page, Inc.
Размер файла: 17.1 MB/19.4 MB (394 pages)
Формат Файла: rar/pdf

Leveled books are the key component in a guided reading program. Reading A-Z leveled books are not selected from a collection of books and then leveled. Rather, Reading A-Z leveled books have been carefully written in accordance with standardized criteria for each level, then quality checked with custom software. Reading A-Z has specific leveling criteria for each of 27 reading levels. The books are developmentally appropriate, research-based teaching resources for English Language Arts, and graduated, meaning they get increasingly difficult with each succeeding level.
Worksheets are included for every reader (except benchmark books).

NB: The levels missing so far will be posted too, time permitting.

Level U features
* Fact: 1600-2000 words
* Fiction: 2400-2600 words
* More complex sentence structure
* More complex vocabulary
* Story elements more sophisticated and require more thought
* Nonfiction topics aligned to state and national standards

Level U Leveled Readers: f = Fiction   nf = Nonfiction
1. Magnificent Meatball Maker (Benchmark Book) f
2. Mysteries of Flight (Benchmark Book) nf
3. The Mighty Saguaro Cactus nf
4. The Amazing Amazon nf
5. Pirate Ships and Flags nf
6. Don't Wake the Mummy
7. The Inuit: Northern Living nf
8. Robin Hood Wins the Sheriff's Golden Arrow f
9. Mystery in the Moonlight f
10. Australia nf
11. Galapagos Wonder nf
12. All About Chocolate nf
13. The Hard Stuff! All About Bones nf
14. Get Moving! All About Muscles nf
15. How Sound Works nf
16. The Great Gallardo's Books f
17. Page's School Report f
18. Samson: A Horse Story f
19. Microbes: Friend or Foe? nf
20. Yellow Brick Roadies f
21. Jupiter's Secrets Revealed nf
22. The Jr. Iditarod nf
23. Weaving Around the World nf
24. How to Build a Greenhouse nf
25. Thomas Edison nf
26. Coral Reefs nf
27. Arrows f

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