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Скачать Taken by the Night бесплатно

Taken by the Night
Автор:Kathryn Smith
Название: Taken by the Night
Издательство: Avon / HarperCollins Publishing
Год: 2007
Формат: rtf
Размер: 1.51 мб
Saint, a 600 year old vampire, along with his five brothers in blood, take care of the infamous brothel, Maison Rouge, and its inhabitants. On one of his periodic visits, Saint is greeted by pandemonium when he learns that two of the house’s inhabitants have been murdered. In addition, the very grown up Ivy Dearing, daughter of his friend, the Madam at Maison Rouge, is demanding he do something about it.
Taken by the Night is well plotted and fast-paced; a perfect mystery read. The aggravating part was not immediately learning the year of the story’s setting. Also, Ms. Smith does not use a period voice, which is rather distracting and added to the confusion. The third in Ms. Smith’s The Brotherhood of Blood series, Taken by the Night is well worth the read.


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