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Скачать Butter Tea at Sunrise бесплатно

Britta Das, "Butter Tea at Sunrise"
Publisher: Summersdale Publishers | 2006-05-08 | ISBN 1840244984 | PDF | 320 pages | 1.1 MB

Somewhere in the valley, a conch signalled the start of a new day. The deep echo bounced off the cliffs of a magnificent mountain range and, faithfully, the sheer walls repeated the ancient message until it faded in the thickness of the jungle. Two red-robed figures sat otionless under the long thin branches of a cypress tree. Only a wispy beard danced on the chin of the old lama as he solemnly murmured a prayer. His eyes were closed. He did not need to see the script written on a page to follow its rhythm and intonations. After a few oments, the other monk joined the recitation. His young voice was strong and confident, and the old lama quieted, only his body continued to sway back and forth to the ebb and swell of the holy words.

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