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Скачать Beckham: Both Feet on the Ground: An Autobiography бесплатно

Beckham: Both Feet on the Ground: An Autobiography
Publisher: HarperCollins (September 29, 2003) | English | ISBN: 0060570938 | 400 pages | 1 MB

Adult/High School-The legendary soccer player and cultural icon takes readers on a tour of his life, from the streets of Chingford, England, to his role as star player on the world's most famous professional soccer team, with all the struggles and stadiums, and daring exploits, in between. As the inspiration for the hit movie Bend It Like Beckham, the subject of endless tabloid fodder, and the husband of a former Spice Girl, Beckham has captured the minds and hearts of not only the people of his native country, but of those around the world as well. Dozens of excellent-quality, black-and-white and color photos are included, about half of which have appeared elsewhere. This book is sure to be wildly popular with teens.

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