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Скачать Nancy Pelosi First Woman Speaker of the House бесплатно

Nancy Pelosi First Woman Speaker of the House
Publisher: Lerner Publications | ISBN: 0822586851 | edition 2007 | PDF | 48 pages | 2,42 mb

The night of November 7, 2006, was a historic one for the United States. And it was a long one for Nancy Pelosi. For the first time in many years, her political party, the Democrats, had won enough elections to take control of the House of Representatives. But it was also a night to remember for another reason. Because the Democrats were going to take charge, it looked likely that the United States would soon have its first woman Speaker of the House of epresentatives—Democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Still, other things were on Pelosi’s mind. Soon after she fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning, the phone rang. An aide woke her up. “Is my new grandchild here?” she asked. No, the aide replied, but the president of the United States was calling to offer his congratulations on the election. Only for Nancy Pelosi would a historic political victory, the birth of a grandchild, and a call from the president all hold equal importance.

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