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Скачать Stephen F. Knott, Jeffrey L. Chidester - The Reagan Years бесплатно

Stephen F. Knott, Jeffrey L. Chidester - The Reagan Years
Checkmark Books | 2005 | ISBN: 081605343X | Pages: 520 | PDF | 5.18 MB

Following a week of mourning in which tens of thousands of admirers paid their respects, former president Ronald Reagan was laid to rest in June 2004. Credited by former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher with having "won the cold war," Reagan is best known for his supply-side economics and fiscal policy (dubbed Reaganomics), the Reagan Revolution, and his summits with Mikhail Gorbachev. A beloved president, Reagan left office as the nation was experiencing an unprecedented period of peacetime prosperity. From relations with the Soviet Union to domestic tax reform, The Reagan Years provides a comprehensive look into Ronald Reagan's presidency. In an easily accessible format, this A-to-Z guide provides approximately 90 biographical entries on the most important people in Reagan's administration and examines the consequential events, policies, and issues of this era.

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