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Скачать Girl Show: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind бесплатно

Girl Show: Into the Canvas World of Bump and Grind
Publisher: Ecw Press | ISBN: 1550223712 | edition 1999 | PDF | 200 pages | 37.02 mb

Girls! Girls! Girls! The carnivals, the girls, and the scams-a journey back through time to the glory years of traveling adult entertainment. Many of these photos have never been seen before, and no one has published a book exclusively devoted to the women (and men) who performed in girl shows. Included are 200 photos from 1900 onwards in A. W. Stencell's book about this cultural phenomenon. Covered are girl shows' European origins, their American developments, their heyday after World War II, and their ultimate demise in the face of men's magazines, strip clubs, and x-rated videos.

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