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Скачать Dance of the Swan: A Story About Anna Pavlova (Creative Minds Biographies) бесплатно

Barbara Allman, "Dance of the Swan: A Story About Anna Pavlova"
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books / Lerner Classroom | 2000-12 | ISBN 1575054639 | PDF | 64 pages | 2.7 MB

In this slim biography, the life of the famous ballerina gently unfolds. Focusing on the development of her career, beginning with her determination to be accepted into Russia's Imperial Ballet School, the book reveals not only the dancer's devotion to her art, but also her love of nature and her compassionate concern for children. Even though she was considered too fragile and slender by the standards of her time, she used those traits to her advantage, especially in one of her signature ballets, The Dying Swan, creating a graceful and ethereal image that enthralled audiences. The book's soft, black-and-white illustrations convey those qualities. Clearly written and upbeat, this sensitive portrayal will inspire young readers. A "Selected Repertoire" and a thorough index enhance the book's usefulness for reports.

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