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Скачать Winning! How Winners Think--What Champions бесплатно

Winning! How Winners Think--What Champions Do by Edie Raether
Publisher: Performance Plus Publishing 2005-01 | 200 Pages | ISBN: 1931219028 | PDF | 1.1 MB

To answer the age old question, “are champions made or born,” Raether interviewed dozens of successful Olympians, CEOs, coaches, change agents, and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. In Winning!, she provides a template of the DNA of success and reveals the essential qualities and common characteristics of those who have overcome adversity and beaten the odds. Beyond the trite but true clichs of “think positive” and “your attitude is your altitude,” Raether delves into the mindset of champions; the creativity, strategic thinking, and problem solving patterns of those who have gone beyond and gotten the gold. The inspiration of these gentle giants will rekindle your spirit and ignite the fires of passion, purpose, and power to help you leave your legacy.

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