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Скачать Maker of Machines: A Story About Eli Whitne бесплатно

Maker of Machines: A Story About Eli Whitne
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books | ISBN: 1575056348 | edition 2003 | PDF | 65 pages | 7.56 mb

Eli Whitney was bor n on December 8, 1765, one month after the f irst British tax was placed on the American colonies. Taxes such as these eventually led to the American Revolution.Many people can and do claim to have invented the cotton gin. Other inventors in Eli’s time were making improved roller gins. Later, in about 1857, a Mississippi slave known only as Ned invented a laborsaving device he called a cotton scraper. But neither slaves nor their masters could apply for patents. Eli Whitney is remembered as the f irst inventor to have an official patent on the cotton gin.


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