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Скачать The Renaissance - An Encyclopedia for Students [4-Vol. Set] бесплатно

The Renaissance - An Encyclopedia for Students [4-Vol. Set]
Publisher: Gale | 2004 | PDF | 928 Pages | 43 MB | ISBN: 068431424X

Based on the Dartmouth Medal-winning Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (2000), this set has been prepared especially for non-specialists, focusing on the Renaissance-era topics most studied in high school world history, art, literature, economics and science curriculum

Organized alphabetically, this illustrated, full-color set includes entries on a range of topics, including:

* Florence
* Galileo
* Heraldry
* Humanism
* Medici family
* Opera
* Piracy
* Rhetoric
* Shakespeare
* Spanish Armada
* Leonardo da Vinci
* And many others

Features include a master chronology with topical timelines; a bibliography with age-appropriate further reading sources and a comprehensive index.


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