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Скачать Kelly King Howes, "Reconstruction Era Reference Library - Gale U.X.L" (4-Vol. Set) бесплатно

Kelly King Howes, "Reconstruction Era Reference Library - Gale U.X.L" (4-Vol. Set)
Publisher: Gale U.X.L | Format: PDF | Year 2004 | 734 pages | 65 MB | English | ISBN: 0787692166

The three-volume Reconstruction Era Reference Library provides targeted information on post-Civil War America, from the end of the war in 1865 to the Compromise of 1877.
Reconstruction Era Reference Library: Almanac covers the political and social aspects of Reconstruction, including carpetbaggers and scalawags, amnesty for white Southerners, "Black Codes," the impeachment of President Johnson, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, attempts to restore the old order in the South and much more.
Reconstruction Era Reference Library: Biographies examines key figures from the era, such as Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, Edwin M. Stanton, Charles Sumner and many others.
Reconstruction Era Reference Library: Primary Sources includes rich source material, including the Civil Rights Act, Freedman's Bureau Law, diaries of former slaves, the Reconstruction Act of 1867 and more.


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