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Скачать Laura B. Tyle, "Encyclopedia of World Biography" (10 Volume Set) бесплатно

Laura B. Tyle, "Encyclopedia of World Biography" (10 Volume Set)
Publisher: Gale | 2002 | 1st Edition | PDF | 2328 pages | 25 MB | English | ISBN: 0787664650

The U·X·L® Encyclopedia of World Biography features 750 biographies of notable historic and current figures from around the world in 10 volumes. Selected from nearly 7,000 entries included in the Gale's critically acclaimed Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2nd Edition, the entries focus on the people studied most often in middle and high school. Features include 750 black-and-white photos and illustrations; alphabetical arrangement; "Words to Know" section; sidebars highlighting interesting facts; and nationality, ethnicity, occupation and general indexes.


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