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Скачать HILLARY (And Bill): The SEX Volume бесплатно

Victor Thorn - HILLARY (And Bill): The SEX Volume. Title: HILLARY (And Bill): The SEX Volume.
American Free Press | 2008 | ISBN: 9780470100 | 335 pages | PDF | 1.5 MB

In HILLARY (And Bill): The SEX Volume—Part One of the Clinton Trilogy, Bill and Hillarys meteoric rise to success is chronicled. It s a carefully plotted path that eventually led them to the White House.
But along the way, a series of compromises had to be made, including a prearranged marriage, clandestine assignments for the CIA, and Hillary s ultimate role as a "fixer" for her husband s many dalliances. Pulling no punches, investigative journalist Victor Thorn paints a compelling portrait of secrecy, deceit, violence, and betrayal that shatters the myth Mrs. Clinton has spent so many years trying to create.


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