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Скачать To embrace the moon: An illustrated biography of Mao Zedong бесплатно

To embrace the moon: An illustrated biography of Mao Zedong
Ed Hammond | Lancaster Miller : Asian Humanities Press | Pages: 175 | 1980 | ISBN : 0895814544 | PDF | 92 MB

One of the most tumultuous periods in modern Chinese history, the Cultural Revolution affected virtually all Chinese people and all aspects of Chinese life, including art, music and drama, education, factory management, economic planning, and medical care. Studies of the Cultural Revolution, in both Chinese and Western languages, have burgeoned over the past three decades. This comprehensive, easy-to-use bibliography provides a guide to published English-language sources on the Cultural Revolution. With over a thousand entries, it includes books, monographs, dissertations, and audio-visual materials on a broad range of topics from the military, education, religion, and economics to foreign relations, population, art, literature, and drama.

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