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Скачать King James (British History in Perspective) бесплатно

J. Pauline Croft, "King James (British History in Perspective)"
Palgrave MacMillan | 2002-11 | ISBN: 0333613961 | 214 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

Pauline Croft's clear and concise study provides a narrative of the reign of King James VI and I in his dominions of England, Ireland and Scotland, together with an authoritative analysis of his remarkable, though flawed, achievements. Croft emphasises the inter-relationships between domestic and foreign policy, religious tensions at home and abroad, finance and parliamentary politics, whilst also discussing the king's writings, his personal life and his approach to the problems posed by multiple monarchy. Ideal for both students and general readers, King James is the first account of the monarch to place him in the context of all his kingdoms.

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