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Скачать A Bank, A Man, A Region, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston бесплатно

A Bank, A Man, A Region, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Publisher: The Federal Reserve Bank Of Boston | ISBN: N/A | edition 1999 | PDF | 32 pages | 4,7 mb

An overview of the Boston Fed during Edward J. McCarthy's seven decades of service.
On a brilliant autumn morning in 1997, air as crisp as a New England apple, sun rising directly out of Boston Harbor, Federal Reserve President Cathy Minehan and a staff member were stuck in traffic on their way to an early meeting when the car phone rang. They both knew it was Eddie.
Although it was early Eddie McCarthy known to his colleagues as the Boston Fed’s “eyes and ears” on the financial markets, had already been on the phone at his Milton home for more than an hour. He had just received word from a New York source that the previous day’s half-point uptick on the Tokyo stock exchange was being viewed positively by movers and shakers on the Street...

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