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Скачать Rachel Carson: Author/Ecologist (Women in Science) бесплатно

Rachel Carson: Author/Ecologist (Women in Science)
Publisher: Chelsea House Publications | ISBN: 0791075206 | edition 2003 | PDF | 112 pages | 2,9 mb

I am honored to introduce WOMEN IN SCIENCE, a continuing series of books about great women who pursued their interests in various scientific fields, often in the face of barriers erected by the societies in which they lived, and who have won the highest accolades for their achievements. I myself have been a scientist for well over 40 years and am at present the president of the Association for Women in Science, a national organization formed over 30 years ago to support women in choosing and advancing in scientific careers. I am actively engaged in environmental science as a vice-president of a very large engineering firm that has offices all around the world.

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