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Скачать Mona D. Sizer - Outrageous Texans: Tales of the Rich and Infamous бесплатно

Mona D. Sizer - Outrageous Texans: Tales of the Rich and Infamous
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing | 2008-08-25 | ISBN: 1589793382 | PDF | 272 pages | 1.08 MB

When scandalous Texas tornado Miss "Texas" Guinan tried to take her burlesque review into Paris--France not Texas--the censors refused her entry into the country. She and her troupe of "30 really ravishing blondes" had performed their show for the entertainment of the passengers and crew of the steamship Paris in exchange for their passage across the Atlantic. The dance that drew the most attention featured the girls dancing nude except for high heels and two large fans, one held behind the back and one held over the front with the occasional fan closing "accidentally." Disappointed but not defeated, Miss Guinan chose to spin the refusal to her advantage. Her sexy revue would have a new name with implications that would ensure its success--she boasted that her show was so titillating that it was named "Too Hot for Paris." That got everyone's attention!
Miss Texas Guinan is just one of many larger-than-life personalities profiled in Outrageous Texans: Tales of the Rich and Infamous. From Janis Joplin to Racehorse Haynes and Joan Crawford to Kinky Friedman, Mona D. Sizer brings all of these colorful characters from the Lone Star State to life.

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