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Скачать Todd Parnell - The Buffalo, Ben, and Me бесплатно

Todd Parnell - The Buffalo, Ben, and Me
Publisher: University of Missouri Press | 2007-10-04 | ISBN: 0826217524 | PDF | 160 pages | 2.65 MB

The Buffalo River in northwest Arkansas is one of the longest free-flowing, undammed rivers west of the Mississippi and one of the most beautiful waterways on earth. Almost lost to development, it proved to be the perfect testing ground for both a middle-schooler struggling with learning challenges that had left him resentful and underachieving and his father, who wanted to help his son gain self-confidence but was still searching for his own identity. For twelve adventure-filled days on all 125 miles of the river s navigable course, father and son discovered the formative, curative, and redemptive powers of nature. Enlivened by photos that reflect the essence of the wilderness, The Buffalo, Ben, and Me reminds us of possibilities to be had in facing life head-on and raises awareness of the need to protect the Ozarks water resources and heritage.

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