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Скачать Einstein's Revolution: Library Edition бесплатно

Einstein's Revolution: Library Edition
Blackstone Audiobooks | ISBN: 078616431X | 2006 | MP3 | 29 Mb

"Relativity" is a concept rooted in the tension between appearance and reality, and it reaches far back in history. Heraclitus argued that only change is real; Parmenides argued that change is impossible, and his follower Zeno invented paradoxes illustrating many of the problems in concepts like space, time, and infinity. Protagoras even argued that there is no single, correct view of reality, but that reality for any person is precisely as in seems to that person. In his words, "Man is the measure of all things".
Plato used mathematical reasoning to discern reality from mere appearance, and modern natural science emerged from centuries of effort to acquire objective knowledge. The greatest scientists of the Renaissance and Enlightenment - including Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton - believed that some "real" or "absolute" space and time are independent of the senses. But Immanuel Kant, J.C. Maxwell, Ernest March, and Henri Poincare chipped away at this idea in the 18 and 19th centuries.

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