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Скачать Elvis for Dummies бесплатно

Elvis for Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies | Pages: 400 | 2009-07-07 | ISBN 0470472022 | PDF | 5 MB

The ultimate introduction to the life and works of the King

Want to understand Elvis Presley? This friendly guide covers all phases of Elvis's career, from his musical influences as a teenager in Memphis and his first recordings to his days at Graceland and the mystery surrounding his death. You'll discover little-known details about his life, appreciate his contributions to music and film, and understand why his work still resonates with so many people today.

* Explore Elvis's musical roots — see how Elvis's childhood and his Southern background influenced the development of his sound

Trace the beginnings of his storied career — be there as Elvis makes his first recordings for Sun Records

Relive the magic — experience the frenzy and excitement that surrounded Elvis's entrance to the national music scene

Take a fresh look at Elvis's films — understand the misconceptions surrounding Elvis's Hollywood career

Watch as Elvis reinvents himself — witness his comeback to live performances, culminating with an historic act in Las Vegas

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