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Скачать Life and Writings of John Milton CD - The Teaching Company (The Great Courses) бесплатно

Life and Writings of John Milton CD - The Teaching Company (The Great Courses)
The Teaching Company | ISBN: 1598032453 | 1999 | MP3 | 159 Mb

High quality, university level teaching! Course Lecture Titles (12 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture) 1. Introduction to Milton's Life and Art 2. Milton's Early Poetry 3. Lycidas 4. Political Milton 5. Paradise LostAn Introduction 6. Paradise Lost, Book I 7. Paradise Lost, Book II 8. Paradise Lost, Book III 9. Book IVTheatrical Milton 10. Book IXThe Fall 11. Late MiltonParadise Regained and Samson Agonistes 12. Milton's Living Influence
There is no disputing that John Milton (1608–1674) is considered one of the supreme writers in the history of English letters, and indeed in world literature. "All things and modes of action shape themselves anew in the being of Milton," said the great critic and poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge. ="firstparagraph">
Yet, for a number of reasons, many modern readers are unaware of the pleasures of his often complex poetry and prose.
This lecture series examines the life and work of this English poet in order to understand the richness and depth of his poetry, its ways of representing 17th-century English life and culture, and its impact on later writers and on English literary history as a whole.
With these lectures by Professor Seth Lerer, winner of the Hoagland Prize for undergraduate teaching at Stanford University, you learn about Milton's works in all their fullness. This course is designed to be rewarding whether or not you have read Milton's works in the past.
Professor Lerer gives you both an introduction to Milton's achievements and a means by which you can cultivate your own thoughts and opinions about works including Paradise Lost and Areopagitica.


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