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Скачать Great Masters: Mozart: His Life and Music , 8 CD's - 8 Lectures бесплатно

Great Masters: Mozart: His Life and Music , 8 CD's - 8 Lectures
The Teaching Company | ISBN: 1565853776 | 2000 | MP3 | 145 Mb

8 Audio CD's, 8 Lectures.
Course Lecture Titles 1. Introduction2. Leopold and the Grand Tour3. Mozart the Composer—The Early Music4. Paris5. The Flight from Salzburg and Arrival in Vienna6. Life in Vienna7. Operas in Vienna8. The Last Years
He composed his first symphony at the age of 8. His middle name means "loved of God." And Austrian Emperor Joseph II accused his music of having "too many notes."
This course is a biographical and musical study of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791), who composed more than 600 works of beauty and brilliance in just over 20 years.
According to Professor Robert Greenberg, Mozart's music combined the pure lyricism of song with dramatic timing, depth of expression, and technical mastery of the complexities of phrase structure and harmony that allowed him to create a body of work unique in the repertoire.



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