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Скачать Who Killed JFK? бесплатно

Who Killed JFK?
Music Collection International | ISBN: 189786244X | 1998 | MP3 | 48 Mb

Since these programmes were broadcast, Oliver Stone's Movie 'JFK' has appeared, and listeners may wonder why I said nothing about Sheriff Jim Garrison's accusations against businessman Clay Shaw, or any industrial-military conspiracy to replace Kennedy with the macho militarist Lyndon Johnson, as revealed by Military Intelligence Officer 'X'.
Well, the latter (played by Donald Sutherland) was a fictional character, devised to put across a theory, unsupported by any concrete evidence. It is true that Vice-President Johnson gained more than any other individual by Kennedy's death. But it is untrue to suggest that right-hand men with such personal interests have normally been behind major assassinations. Presidents Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley, for example, were all murdered by assassins who were unknown to their vice-president.
And Jim Garrison's enquiry proved nothing about Clay Shaw beyond the possibilities that he could have been used to channel legal aid to Oswald; he may have had homosexual associations; and he might have been present at some indiscreet anti-Kennedy conversations. You would never guess from the movie 'JFK' that the main reason Garrison's enquiry seemed discredited was that he was resolutely denied finding any traces of organised crime, going so far as to assert that Carlos Marcello was a legitimate businessman, and there was no organised crime in New Orleans!
I wish Oliver Stone would script and Kevin Costner act my life, so that all my faults might be concealed and all my investigations have their weak points eliminated!


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