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Скачать Albert Einstein: And the Frontiers of Physics бесплатно

Jeremy Bernstein, "Albert Einstein: And the Frontiers of Physics"
Oxford University Press, USA | 1996 | ISBN: 0195092759 | 192 pages | PDF | 1,8 MB

From School Library Journal
Grade 8 Up-Bernstein devotes considerable space in this objective biography to explanations of relativity, quantum mechanics, gravitation, and the relevant mathematical formulas, and to the various scientists whose theories influenced Einstein in some way. The author assumes a conversational tone, often including the first person, "I," as well as "we" and "you" when he refers to readers. In spite of its friendly attitude, though, the book is long and heady and will challenge even the brightest students, not because it is stylistically difficult, but because of the depth and breadth of the explanations. It is amply illustrated with informative diagrams and excellent-quality black-and-white photos. The author makes good use of primary-source material to illustrate both the private Einstein and the more public one who protested World War I, warned of the dangers of nuclear weapons, and, later, reluctantly accepted the need to use force against Hitler. The length, writing style, and illustrations in Jake Goldberg's Albert Einstein (Watts, 1996) make it a better choice for secondary-school students, while Bernstein's book offers a comprehensive, highly intelligent, patiently constructed introduction to Einstein and his theories.
Phyllis Graves, Creekwood Middle School, Kingwood,


This is a book for those who want to know more: how Einstein lived and loved, how he was educated and earned a living, the science and politics of his time.... Readers...will be absorbed in this story of a remarkable man."--VOYA
"A lively and memorable reflection of the man behind the public figure."--Booklist
"A comprehensive, highly intelligent, patiently-constructed introduction to Einstein and his theories.... It is amply illustrated with informative diagrams and excellent quality black-and-white photos."--School Library Journal

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