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Скачать Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Infidel {My Freedom} <AudioBook> New Upgraded Files бесплатно

Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Infidel {Mijn Vrijheid / My Freedom}

Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Infidel {My Freedom} (2007) Unabridged
Recorded Books | ISBN 1428156585 | Narrator Ayaan Hirsi Ali | 14CDs | 16Hrs 39Mins | MP3 64kbps | E-Book | 442Mb

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Infidel

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was born in Somalia, raised Muslim and came to the Netherlands as a refugee due to an unwanted marriage. After earning her collage degree in political science, she worked for a labour party. Reading The Atheist Manifesto (Atheistisch Manifest) by philosopher Herman Philipse and the Quran pushed her to renounce Islam and become atheist. Now she is a controversial political figure who is against Islamic culture.

This is her astonishing story.

Infidel is an overwhelming book to grasp. Why? Well, because so much has happened so far in Ms. Ali's life. In addition, she takes you into mental spaces where you've never been before and this takes more than a little stretching.
Here's the bottom line: In the course of her first three and a half decades of life, Ms. Ali moved from being born into a medieval-type lifestyle in Africa and Arabia based on Islam to becoming a prominent social critic of Islam in Europe and the United States who is well listened to wherever she goes. At the same time, she required enormous personal security to keep her alive as those she criticized sought to silence her.
Ayaan Hirsi Ali grew up in a traditional high-clan Somali family whose father was a leader in the Somali civil war against the Marxist dictatorship of Siad Barre. While her father was progressive in some ways, her grandmother wanted to follow all traditional practices. Her mother was estranged from her father, and often seemed to be fighting a losing battle for her sanity. As a result, Ms. Ali seemed to get the worst of each person's influence.
Her grandmother forcibly arranged for her female circumcision. Her mother used to alternate between beating Ms. Ali and forcing her to do all of the household work. Her father was usually absent except when she became an adult and he forced her into an arranged marriage she opposed. A Muslim teacher once almost killed her through a beating.
Early in her years, Ms. Ali began to value equality for women and decent treatment from the men in the household. Those instincts were viewed as totally anathema to her family and clan members.
On her way to join the new husband picked out by her father, Ms. Ali escaped to Holland where she becomes a successful applicant for refugee status. She soon was earning a living as a translator to help pay for her education, and later worked for a political think tank. There, her outspoken views about the dangers of permitting Muslim practices to be freely followed in Europe caused quite a stir. She became a Dutch citizen and was able to switch parties and run for Parliament, earning a seat in her first election. With this prominence, her criticisms had more effect.
Ms. Ali burst on the international scene in 2004 when she collaborated with Theo van Gogh to create a short documentary, Submission, Part 1, that had rocked the Muslim community with its physical and psychological boldness. A partially undraped woman is portrayed speaking directly to Allah rather than submitting to her faith in totally covering clothes. Two months later, van Gogh was assassinated. In the aftermath, the quest to keep her safe made her life a nightmare. In the aftermath, her citizenship was challenged and she has since moved to the United States to continue her role as a social critic of Islam.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Also Includes The Film Submission, Part 1, Ayaan Hirsi Ali made with Theo van Gogh shortly before his murder by a muslim extremist

And Ian Buruma - Murder in Amsterdam, The Death of Theo van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance PDF




Submission Part 1

Theo van Gogh + Murdering muslim Bastard = Death


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