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Скачать Methods in Lignin Chemistry (Springer Series in Wood Science) бесплатно

Methods in Lignin Chemistry

Springer Series in Wood Science, «Methods in Lignin Chemistry»
Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K | ISBN: 3540502955 | 1992 | PDF | 620 pages | 26 Mb

The structural complexity of lignin has continually challenged the ingenuity of researchers to develop suitable methods for its characterization prior to and following a wide variety of chemical, biological, and physical treatments. Provided here is an up-to-date compilation of lignin methodology. Theoretical background and practical procedures are combined and - whenever possible - a procedure is presented in sufficient detail to enable the reader to perform the analysis solely by following the step-by-step description. The range of use of a method, its advantages and limitations are discussed. Moreover, typical analytical data are shown and compared with results obtained from other methods. The book serves the need of researchers and other professionals in academia, the pulp and paper industry and allied industries. It is particularly useful also to those with no previous background in or experience with lignin or lignocellulosics.



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