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Скачать World War I Reference Library бесплатно

Tom and Sara Pendergast, "World War I Reference Library" (Repost)
Gale | PDF | 5 volumes Total 20 MB | 678 Pages | 2002 | ISBN: 0787654760 | 5% recovery Record

A Notice:
Why have I used a password for the files even though it is annoying?

By using passwords in the rar files, it is much more difficult for outsiders and non AvaxHome users to peep into the rar files. Especially automated search engines and algorithms which scan for illegally shared content. Using passwords makes file discovery harder for them and therefore longer file life time for more AvaxHome users to enjoy!

Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience.

Password for all files: HRH_W.I.Peterovsky

Download Links
Almanac [9.1 MB]
Biographies [4.2 MB]
Primary Sources [5.5 MB]
Cumulative Index [1.0 MB]

Thank me by downloading my link. If link is broken, send me a private message. Your comments are most welcomed!
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