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Скачать Killer Cronicas: Bilingual Memories бесплатно

Killer Cronicas: Bilingual Memories
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press | ISBN: 0299202208 | edition 2004 | PDF | 174 pages | 6,24 mb

"[This] collection announces a new voice in 'American' literary and autobiographical production."—Paul Allatson, from the foreword.
A woman living and communicating in multiple lands, Susana Chvez-Silverman conveys her cultural and linguistic displacement in a humorous, bittersweet, and even tangible way in this truly bilingual literary work. These meditative and lyrical pieces that combine poignant personal confession, detailed daily observation, and a memorializing drive that shifts across time and among geocultural spaces. The author's inventive and flamboyant use of Spanglish, a hybrid English-Spanish idiom, and her adaptation of the confessional "crnica" make this memoir compelling and powerful. Killer Crnicas confirms that there is no Latina voice quite like that of Susana Chvez-Silverman.

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