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Скачать Ramblin' Rose: The Life and Career of Rose Maddox бесплатно

Jonny Whiteside, "Ramblin' Rose: The Life and Career of Rose Maddox"
Publisher: Country Music Foundation Press | 1997 | ISBN 0826512690 | PDF | 360 pages | 2.39 MB

In this meticulously researched biography, veteran music journalist Jonny Whiteside recounts the colorful story of this pioneering woman who literally grew up in the male-dominated enclaves of country music and struggled to make a place for herself there. In Rose Maddox, Whiteside has found an exceptional protagonist for his story: a fiery, strongwilled entertainer whose music has had an influence far beyond her handful of hits on the record charts, and who in many ways, Whiteside convincingly argues, prefigured the coming of rock and roll. In the process, Whiteside introduces us to a host of memorable characters--stars like Hank Williams and Roy Acuff; behind-the-scenes movers and shakers like record men Cliffie Stone and Bill McCall; and, at the heart of the story, the irrepressible Maddox family themselves, whose freewheeling music so faithfully reflected the hurlyburly world of California's displaced migrant workers.

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