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Скачать Revisiting New Netherland: Perspectives on Early Dutch America бесплатно

Joyce D. Goodfriend, "Revisiting New Netherland: Perspectives on Early Dutch America"
Publisher: Brill Academic Pub | 2005 | ISBN 9004145079 | PDF | 346 pages | 3.62 MB

The essays in this book offer a rich sampling of current scholarship on New Netherland and Dutch colonization in North America. The Introduction explains why the Dutch moment in American history has been overlooked or trivialized and calls attention to signs of the emergence of a new narrative of American beginnings that gives due weight to the imprint of Dutch settlement in America. The essays are organized around six major themes: New Netherland and Historical Memory, New Netherland in the Atlantic World, The Political Economy of New Netherland, New Netherlanda^€™s Directors: A New Look, Family Research as a key to New Netherlanda^€™s History, and Writing the History of New Netherland in the Twenty-first Century. This volume holds great interest for historians of early America and of Dutch colonization.

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