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Скачать Isabel Flick: The Many Lives of an Extraordinary Aboriginal Woman бесплатно

Isabel Flick, Heather Goodall, "Isabel Flick: The Many Lives of an Extraordinary Aboriginal Woman"
Publisher: Allen & Unwin Academic | 2004 | ISBN 1741141230 | PDF | 288 pages | 1.03 MB

The remarkable life of Isabel Flick, a leading Aboriginal community activist, is portrayed in this work. Her story, as told to one of Australia's leading experts on Aboriginal history, paints a picture of the experience of Aboriginal people in Australia during the 20th century and of race relations in its rural towns. Flick's life, from her childhood in a small town in New South Wales to her work fighting for reform in education and healthcare, is explored in inspirational detail. Her accomplishments, including the laying of groundwork for the unrest preceding Australia's Freedom Ride in 1965 and her work with the union movement are detailed, culminating in her 1991 nomination as town spokesperson for a small town in New South Wales with a long history of racism. Flick's is a story of determination and success in the face of cultural barriers.

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