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Скачать Abraham Geiger's Liberal Judaism: Personal Meaning And Religious Authority бесплатно

Ken Koltun-Fromm, "Abraham Geiger's Liberal Judaism: Personal Meaning And Religious Authority"
Publisher: Indiana University Press | 2006 | ISBN 0253347440 | PDF | 180 pages | 2.19 MB

German rabbi, scholar, and theologian Abraham Geiger (1810a^€“1874) is recognized as the principal leader of the Reform movement in German Judaism. In his new work, Ken Koltun-Fromm argues that for Geiger personal meaning in religiona^€”rather than rote ritual practice or acceptance of dogmaa^€”was the key to religiona^€™s moral authority. In five chapters, the book explores issues central to Geigera^€™s work that speak to contemporary Jewish practicea^€”historical memory, biblical interpretation, ritual and gender practices, rabbinic authority, and Jewish education. This is essential reading for scholars, rabbis, rabbinical students, and informed Jewish readers interested in Conservative and Reform Judaism.

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