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Скачать Sophia Jex-Blake бесплатно

S. Roberts, "Sophia Jex-Blake"
Publisher: Routledge | 1993 | ISBN 0415087538 | PDF | 207 pages | 2.91 MB

Sophia Jex-Blake led the campaign that won the right for British women to enter the medical profession. Through her inital pioneering work in Germany and the United States, her crusade in Britain resulted in women's rights to higher education, professional careers and financial independence being more generally accepted.
After years of extensive lobbying, she Founded the London School of Medicine for Women in 1874 and two years later, largely due to her effortsm legislation was passed enabling women to take qualifying exmainations in medicine. As the suthor reveals, she was an intelligent pioneer, skillful at winning over liberals, the press and public opinion. Sophia Jex-Blake is a fascinating account of one woman's struggle for equality.

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