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Скачать International Women in Science: A Biographical Dictionary to 1950 бесплатно

Catharine Haines, "International Women in Science: A Biographical Dictionary to 1950"
Publisher: ABC-Clio Inc | 2001 | ISBN 1576070905 | PDF | 383 pages | 1.65 MB

This A-to-Z encyclopedia includes entries on women who made pioneering scientific discoveries, as well as others whose work was characterized by lifelong, dogged perseverance. There are professional scientists together with enthusiastic amateursa^€”all of whom were single-minded in their science-based endeavors.
This book contains entries for approximately 400 women who contributed to scientific development from 1600 to 1950. Those included come from countries around the world (excluding North America, covered in the two volumes of American Women in Science). Scientists from a wide range of fields are included, from aeronauts to zoologists. Each entry is accompanied by a bibliography with full references, enabling the reader to follow up the information given. The book also constitutes a valuable starting point for further research on individual women scientists.

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