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Скачать A Rossetti Family Chronology бесплатно

Alison Chapman, Joanna Meacock, "A Rossetti Family Chronology"
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan | 2007 | ISBN 140391219X | PDF | 344 pages | 1.05 MB

Based on a rich range of primary sources and manuscripts, A Rossetti Family Chronology breaks exciting new ground. Focusing on Christina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the Chronolgy deomstrates the interconnectedness of their friendships and creativity, giving information about literary composition and artistic output, publication and exhibition, reviews, finances, relationships, health and detailing literary and artistic influences. Drawing on many unpublished sources, including family letters and diaries, this new volume in the Author Chronologies series will be of value to all students and scholars of the Rossettis.

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