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Скачать The Best of All Seasons: Fifty Years as a Montana Hunter бесплатно

Dan Aadland, "The Best of All Seasons: Fifty Years as a Montana Hunter"
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press | 2007 | ISBN 0803210698 | PDF | 260 pages | 1.2 MB

Since first learning to handle a Winchester .22 as a kid, Dan Aadland has exulted in huntinga^€”not as a sport but as a calling. In this book he takes readers to Montanaa^€™s prairies and mountains in search of antelope, whitetail deer, moose, and the occasional upland bird as he vividly describes the rituals and camaraderie of hunting culture.
In fifteen essays recounting a lifetime of adventures, Aadland spins tales of a hunter whose years have been enriched by pursuing game under Montanaa^€™s big sky. He conveys the drama of stalking elk in deep snow, when sometimes just the chance at a shot is enough, and describes the tricks of bowhunting. He tells how hunting with horses was a^€oethe real deala^€: planting onea^€™s foot in the stirrup and sensing an affinity with great hunters of the past. Underlying his memoir is a deep respect for wildlife and appreciation for the West.
Sometimes nostalgic, often humorous, Aadlanda^€™s book recounts the highs and lows of the hunt while revealing why the pursuit of game remains so important to so many people. The Best of All Seasons depicts hunting as an essential part of the good life, suggesting that in our civilized age it yet remains a fundamentally natural act. In allowing readers a glimpse into that life, this book simultaneously shows that for Dan Aadland, fine writing comes just as naturally.

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