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Скачать Adrian Willaert: A Guide to Research бесплатно

David Kidger, "Adrian Willaert: A Guide to Research"
Publisher: Routledge | 2004 | ISBN 0815339623 | PDF | 472 pages | 6.42 MB

This book provides a bibliographic study of the sixteenth-century Flemish composer Adrian Willaert, maestro di cappella at the basilica of St. Mark's in Venice from 1527 until his death in 1562. Willaert was one of the leading composers of the generation after Josquin Desprez, building a reputation as a versatile composer of almost all of the important genres of the time, as well as taking an integral role in establishing Venice as a major musical center by the mid-sixteenth century. The first section of this book gives a concordance of all print and manuscript sources of Willaert's music, including sources of his music transmitted anonymously. The second section of the book includes a catalog of Willaert's works, manuscript sources, modern editions, a chronology of Willaert arrangements, more recent published editions, a bibliography of the secondary literature, and a discography.

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