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Скачать Happold: The Confidence to Build бесплатно

B. Addis, "Happold: The Confidence to Build"
Publisher: Taylor & Francis | 1998 | ISBN 0419240705 | PDF | 176 pages | 9.66 MB

This highly illustrated biography explores the life and work of Sir Edmund (Ted) Happold (1930-1996) and the legacy he has left to the engineering profession.

Happold was renowned internationally as a practitioner, a research guru and an industry spokesman. He was a consulting engineer on buildings such as the Pompidou Centre, the Conference Centre at Mecca, the Sports Hall at Jeddah, the Diplomatic Club at Riyadh, the Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center and Kowloon Park in Hong Kong and the Aviary in Munich. This book acknowledges the role he played during a professional life that spanned some thirty years and also explores the relationship between engineering and architecture and design.

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