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Скачать Look and Learn, A History of the Classic Children's Magazine бесплатно

Steve Holland, "Look and Learn, A History of the Classic Children's Magazine"
Publisher: Look and Learn Magazine Ltd | 2007 | ISBN R20071010Q | PDF | 119 pages | 1.42 MB

On Monday, 15 January 1962, a brand new paper arrived in newsagents around the British Isles.
Brightly coloured with red and yellow prominent, the cover was dominated by two pictures; to
the left was a photograph of the young Charles, the Prince of Wales; to the right was a portrait
by Derek C. Eyles of Charles Stuart—the Prince of Wales of 300 years earlier. Inside, readers
would discover the rousing story of how Charles, exiled to France during the Civil War, had
learned of his father's death at the hands of the Roundheads. Two years later, in 1651, he was
crowned Charles II by the Scots and led an army into England. The two armies met at Worcester
where the war had begun nine years earlier; Charles at the head of Royalist forces and Cromwell
leading his Parliamentarian armies. Cromwell triumphed, leaving Charles to escape through the
narrow cobbled streets of Worcester.
In retelling this gripping tale, the anonymous author did not confine himself to dry facts;
instead the reader was thrust right into the action:
Breathlessly he flung himself into a narrow, dark alley and hid in a shadowed
doorway. The raucous shouts and stumbling footsteps of the Roundhead soldiers
chasing him went past the entrance to the alley and faded away in the distance.
Panting, he huddled himself against the crude wooden doorway and rested his
unshaven face against the splintered oak. For the moment he was safe.
'His Fight For The Crown' was a model example of the kind of features that were to be found in
the new paper. Vigorously told, it brought history to life in the same way that a good novel can.
Young readers used to sitting silently and uncomfortably in class copying down lists of
monarchs must have found this a breath of fresh air. The article was beautifully illustrated by H.
M. Brock and Sep E. Scott1, adding visual excitement to the page.

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