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Скачать Here For a Good Time : On the Road with Trooper , Canada's Legendary Rock Band бесплатно

Ra McGuire, "Here For a Good Time : On the Road with Trooper , Canada's Legendary Rock Band"
Publisher: Insomnia Press | 2006-03 | ISBN 1897178107 | PDF | 224 pages | 27.45 MB

Trooper has steadfastly been one of Canada's greatest music icons for decades. We're Here for a Good Time, Raise a Little Hell, and The Boys in the Bright White Sportscar are all classic favourites and even today Trooper is still busy touring, playing, and creating great music.

Here for a Good Time: On the Road with Trooper follows the rock group from 2002-2005 in a blog-like format written by Ra McGuire, the band's lead singer and song writer. With an eye for upcoming trends, Ra actually started these website entries before blogs came onto the scene.

I liked this book for what it didn't have. It didn't have entries about drunken rock stars having wild orgies. Instead, I felt like I actually got to see the real people behind the rock star image. Where that small town gig had meant more than the packed arena because they actually connected with their audience, where the band members yearn for their families, and where the songwriter actually gets writer's block.




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