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Скачать Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Great American Presidents) бесплатно

Alan Allport "Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Great American Presidents)"
Chelsea House Publications | 2003-07 | ISBN: 0791075982 | 102 pages | PDF | 3,4 MB

Gr 5-7-Two entries in yet another biographical series about U.S. presidents. Both authors follow similar, matter-of-fact writing styles in six chapters that discuss childhoods, upbringing, events that influenced their views, issues and accomplishments during their respective administrations, deaths, and legacies. The slightly dense but clear texts are broken up with photographs and pull quotes. Each book begins with the same eloquent foreword by Walter Cronkite on the U.S. presidency in general, its power both nationally and internationally, and how the Constitution's original definition of the role has been interpreted and challenged over the years.

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