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Скачать Thomas Jefferson (Great American Presidents) бесплатно

Heather Lehr Wagner "Thomas Jefferson (Great American Presidents)"
Chelsea House Publications | 2003-12 | ISBN: 0791076024 | 21 pages | PDF | 3,5 MB

Thomas Jefferson is remembered as the author of the Declaration of Independence, the document that outlined the hopes of the American Revolution and the aims for a system of government based on the principles of equality and basic human rights. Jefferson's accomplishments, however, extend beyond a single document, and his achievements continued far after the declaration had been signed.

Jefferson drafted Virginia's statute on religious freedom and served as the state's governor. He served as America's minister to France, secretary of state, vice president, and president -- overseeing the Louisiana Purchase, which would double the nation's size, and launching the important Lewis and Clark expedition. Even after he retired, Jefferson continued to improve the country, stocking the Library of Congress with his books and founding the University of Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson was many things -- patriot, politician, philosopher, inventor -- but above all, he was a great president. Read about the life of this remarkable American patriot and intellectual.

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