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Скачать Encounters in My Travels: Thoughts Along the Way бесплатно

Dixie Lee Harris, “Encounters in My Travels: Thoughts Along the Way”
Editions Rodopi B.V. | 2006 | ISBN: 9042017880 | 151 pages | PDF | 1 MB

This book details Harris’s travels throughout the globe among common people through sixty-seven countries over twelve years. She stayed in a harem, wore a burqa, and slept on a sidewalk through the biggest battle in the Algerian War! Questions evoke critical reading and philosophical thought, and the book includes a bibliography of suggestions for further reading. Lived Values, Valued Lives (LVVL) is a series of explorations, representing real and fictionalized biographies, autobiographies, and significant fragments of lives, concerning how a person's values help inform a person's life, how that life expresses those values, and the principled ways in which intelligent individuals deal with life’s vagaries. Each volume contains discussion questions and a bibliography of readings that make LVVL appropriate for courses exploring values clarification, career exploration, or contemporary cultural issues.

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