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Скачать The American Presidency (Learn and Explore) бесплатно

Encyclopedia Britannica Editorial, "The American Presidency (Learn and Explore)"
Compton's by Britannica | 2009-03 | ISBN: 1593398433 | 144 pages | PDF | 12,8 MB

The third title in the Learn & Explore series, The American Presidency explores the lives and contributions of the people who have held the office, from George Washington to Barack Obama. Each presidential profile includes a detailed biography, the president's signature, who served as vice president, a profile of the first lady and timelines. With additional articles covering the Presidential Election Process, Cabinet, White House, election results and presidential seal and flag history, The American Presidency provides a rich journey through US history. * Articles on all 44 American presidents. * Over 175 images. * More than 70 timelines and World Events maps.

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