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Скачать Dancing in the Dharma: The Life and Teachings of Ruth Denison бесплатно

Sandy Boucher, "Dancing in the Dharma: The Life and Teachings of Ruth Denison"
Beacon Press | 2006-05-15 | ISBN: 0807073199 | 254 pages | PDF | 1,1 MB

Ruth Denison was one of the great innovators in the early years of Buddhism in the West. In this portrait of her extraordinary life, from a youth in Nazi-dominated Germany to the center of the counterculture in the sixties and seventies, Boucher captures Denison’s distinctive voice and the journey of her remarkable spirit.

“[A] stirring yet unsentimental spiritual biography.” —Bernadette McGrath, Dragonfly Review

“[Denison] brought a strongly feminine, body-centered approach to spiritual practice at a time when this was regarded as radical if not subversive . . . Boucher’s life repeatedly intersects with Denison’s, making this a dual tale of development and discovery and, therefore, doubly compelling.” —Whitney Scott, Booklist

“Dancing in the Dharma skillfully conveys Ruth Denison’s full humanity: her formidable gifts and charm and her puzzling contradictions . . . [A] riveting and deeply rewarding portrayal of a great teacher.” —Shane Snowdon, Turning Wheel

“Author and Denison student Sandy Boucher gives an intimate portrait.” —Shambhala Sun

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